Saturday, January 27, 2007


Thank u palo ^_^~~~

what for :|?

For Being My 1 Month hoilday
^^; would have turned house upside down if worent for u!
really had nothing to do after i fisnehd buring the DvD's~

But Really Really Thank u~~~ i really had so much fun~~

Every time i got upset after last day i cried i rember ur online xD i can chat who care waht happens irl

yesterday b4 yesterday and today my parents went out and when they asked to go aunt house i said no i want to go this an that place yet they said they had importent stuff wich is a lie so just ignored didnt compalin they sucked all my hoilday

i;ll get my rights one day xP
im tired of feeling bad!

but im glad i did fun stuff with Palo! x3
mostly , chat chat chat xD hehe~~

Hope u liked the magic trick! sorry for sucking at mixing cards! xD

oh and there is this song iv been lisitng to all moring
The All-American Rejects It Ends Tonight
X3 want u to have it~ *Acting nice*

gomen tried uploading the video 100 times.. even on the uplload site but didnt work~
here it is as a link and under it is still youtube link dun need to click it if u dun want su


The Guy is so bishi xD *black haired guys fan "dark brownish xD " *
*ya is crazy chu*

Thanks again palo =) *hugs tight~~*

Good Luck on ur exams Desu!

Fighto ^_^/

Edited: "20:30 sunday"

Drew this in class 4 u as an extra Ty!
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Anime palo x)


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