Thursday, October 12, 2006

kasan~ daisuki~~

hello x3

i know i dun post here x> demo felt like talking about somthing~~ and i cant go online to tell mina 'o'~ cuz my aunts are around x< an it isnt easy!

anyway ^o^~ back to the thingi i wanted to talk about~

eto ~ i was showing my sis tomdead some songs~ "endings and openings" of animes im watching now~ and i reached to anime black blood brothers
and i was like " u know xD i hate this anime op~ its like geeky~ but the ending i realy realy love it~ " and its a korean ending song
and while it was playing~ my mom was on my bed an heard it~ and she turend an looked at me saying~ " the song is nice " *_____*;~

i felt so happpyyyyyyyyyyy *_______* ~~~~ my mom said somthing nice about a song for the first time..~
and not any song *___* an anime song~~~

she normaly says " make the volume a lil low =.=; " or anyhting near that or stop hearing songs etc~

hountoni i felt so happy an still am ^^~~ *Wags tail~~~~~*

ka-san~~~ daisukiiii~~~ ^____^~~~~ hehehe~~

thats all su~~~ *feels baka*

here is a link for the ending of BBB~~