Friday, November 17, 2006

In My Dreams~ 00

In my dream i dream weird dreams ^3^

Dunno where i putted my diary to write my dreams down su~
i normally till my dreams to my friends *w*~ anyone i find that is interested in listing to what i dream of~ ~~
mostly was my freind sellvia chan ^^; she use to call me to ask what new dreams i dreamt xD; mostly was dinosaur's back then~ " high school nightmares were dinosaur's"
i still dream of them ^^; just a bit less x) now what i dream of is war~ and criminals~ and my dad's evil workers who try ti kill meh *w* .. monsters too

but todays dream was weird x< .. i dreamed one similar to it once.. "was about if ur not French or cant talk French u get killed" lol *w*;

anyway back to todays dream~ "going to write what i remember from it ^^; "
eto it started i was in a room with my mom and sisters~ and aunt~ , duno why but place was gloomy~ there was something b4 dream~ about a prince and princess who r meant to be to gather from day they were born but one of them was "wrong" some how in something i cant remember"
and.. in that room there was a window and curtines were closed~
i looked up to it and saw a hand and a face but not clear just shadow~ and was cut into half
and one of my sisters came to room asking about some one.. and then duno who pointed at window said that person is there
and mom was going to open the curtiens and i screamed no dont that person is dead , i didn't see what they saw cuz i covered my eyes and turned my back agents window cuz im sure it was scary .

suddenly window got broken by a weird strong noise , there were like rooms near us to like if u leave the area we were in~ like rooms near each other poor ppl live in or.. duno what kind of ppl , just not normal rich ppl at all

so all place was open to anything from outside that want to come in an attack
um , there were 2 different kinds of ppl , me " normal ppl" and other kind of ppl that were different , the different kind of ppl they looked like us but they had ability in flying.. and having weird power ^^; , so ya they were turning all normal ppl to their kind , and i didn't want to change i wanted to be my self normal human , plus to be changed .. i think its painful *_*

anyway.. ppl were running out of rooms trying to escape to alavators~ , there was tooo many of them , big ones too , the problem was ppl there they werent nice plus if u try talking to them they hold a knife an lift it up saying " i have power u dont"
so my sisters and aunt an mom went some other way and i was like im going to catch up and i saw my lil sis maryoom " 4 years old" around and i toke her with me , and i manged to go in a lift~

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um duno what happened next~ but i ended up finding my self in a place like a city far from where i was , cuz that place i was in had ocean out side , place i ended up in had like.. an opend area that there was games there and allot of ppl , they looked like European's ppl #_#; , my lil sis wasn't with me duno where she went

so had to jump on a "the red thingi that ppl use to get water from when there is fire " to get my self to jump high to see where i am exactly " i fly in dreams yes *_* , but i cant unless im in a high place~ like a building 2nd floor would be fine to get me high , but as for ground i can only jump high if i used anything near me to left me up a lil like a trash can or something that is a bit higher from ground.

there was this guy who came out with me from alavator place "where we both found our seleves in same place" just that i moved away ^^; i dun talk to strangers >.<
he was the guy who acted in "the break up" i duno his name~ just that i dun like that actor *_*; i duno why~
anyway he asked me where we r i told him when i jumped i saw the ships area , we r a bit far , and seems that ppl around know nothing about the other ppl who r attacking us
he asked me to help him jump to cuz he wanted to see~
i did though was hard >_< him putting his hands on my shoulders~ he was heavy *_*
then suddenly i spotted this guy who knows me , hes an enemy , i think in some part of my dream i forgot .. i ran away from him.
so i had to stay on ground or he'll find me , and the "guy from the break up movie" went.
so i was like going around ppl wondering why didn't they know of what happened , cuz ships area wasn't that far *_*;..

anyway suddenly i saw the bad ppl walking around so i had to run away and ended up in a shop of clothes.. i was hiding my self behind clothes
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they were in black clothes an a lil purple.
i was really scared from them *w*;

and the shop near me was an anime shop '-' , they had allot of stuff *_* and suddenly a guy aperd in front of me , hes like "what r u doing here? , come out we r going to leave now ^_^
he was an arabian guy~ he was wearing '3etra and 3gal~ and im like " sir i.. i cant go out.. its dangerous.. and .." then he said " its ok ^^ don't worry , tell the grades ur from my side u'll get to go back home safe"

i think he was a rich Arabian guy **;.. , like one of the sons of my country leader or something 'x' i don't think he got what im scared of~ but it seemed that he knew i was arabian an he said we'll go home~ as if i was part of the group that came to that place and i wasn't~ im always alone in everything in dream xD;

i got out cuz there were ^^; gardes around from that guy side.. and they were like around other arabian guys " i think they were group of rich guys XvX; "

and i felt safe but b4 i got to go with them i wanted to buy something from the anime shop and i asked where it is too~ th owner she told me there is one like it in abu dhabi and im like asking her the address~ and was looking around~ there was alot of anime figures~ , and i saw one that was made of wood and was a girl with long hair and hand 2 wolves near her~[one shes pating the other standing by] and im like " kawaiiiii <3 gig would get jealous if he somthing like that with me hehehe" , and said i;ll buy it an take a picture an show it to gig when i go online *_*; "thinks of online ppl even in dreams lol.."
i even had enough money X33 becase b4 i went to sleep that day~ i putted allot of 100's in my wallet~ so ya when i dream i get to have same amount in dream to ^^; , if i didnt i would have been broke in dream an id feel awful , but im glad i did

she gave me address.. but suddenly.. that guy >_< evil guy showed up.. hes like saying "all of u stop , we now concor the place "
suddenly he raised from ground him and his ppl they were alot when i saw them " cuz normal ppl were in ground and other kind were above"

i got out from where i was "the place closes while iwas trying"
but was to late its like a closed circul..
tried flying but couldn't.. i saw down under me and kept seeing them taking normal ppl puting them in a box "2 ppl per box" and transferring them to their kind , and i wanted to go out so badly.. , and the closed circa l place i was in i was made of some kind of nailon "the thing bags in shop made of" was kinda strong but i manged to rip it an go out~ they had some kind of power they were shoting on me *_* , but i got out +_+ , that evil guy orederd them to get me back..

i manged to find some one when i got out.. , it was a lady she was like moving her stuff from a supermarket to a boat , and i was like "can i help u?" and shes like sure~ , cuz i wanted to escape and since shes one of the ppl who got changed she wouldn't be chased after not like me , so i was helping her~ , she seemed sad~
and suddenly a police man came~ , he stopped infront of me and he was holding a paper of names and hes like "u r [the name]" and i didnt say anyhting.. its i guess list of names of ppl who got changed to the different kind of ppl and if i wasnt listed then he'll know i ran away an he'll arest me an take me back to that guy

then that lady said " no thats not her" , then i left the stuff i was holding covring my face and toke other hand moving it around my neck saying he'll kill me "if my name wasnt on list" , then she understood im not from her kind , so shes like telling the police man "come inside i;ll show u pictures of names of ppl u have on list" , cuz seems like the name he called me with was her sisters name and there were other 3 names other than her , but they left
so ya she kinda saved me..
ah i forgot to mention some of the stuff i was carrying were coloring books that can talk , things were weird yes but i didn't mind them *_*

then i woke up on mom calling me if i want lunch *_*; ~~

weird dream but i feel i forgot allot of it since i wanted till night to write the story ^^; which isn't good cuz i forget fast..

xD; i didnt write this for anyone to read but who ever does its k~ even though i think only one person would reach to here reading , cereal-san~

*w*~ no one else reads here +w+ , plus i dun like to brag about blogs 'x';
i dun realy care i just write when i feel like it ~
even when i cant talk i feel i can talk to my self here an its good ^^

*w* thats all hehe~ duno how long i was writing here but all i know i didn't do my hw's today xDDDD;;;

its k id do it *_*; soon..~

that all blog san~