Friday, January 18, 2008

ChuChu Dreams of a HOTTIE?

that is just CRAZY XD~

B4 yesterday xE some actor appeared in my dream !
was kinda hot but like xD omg how can i dream of an actor i never think of them as dream matriles
i dun drool over them or think ecchi stuff at all!
im not a person whod screamm for a guy :E i aint crzy
but omg XO i just understod how girls would drool over a guy in dream cuz he was just hot..~ LOL

Gossip Girl Hotties XD

NATE is who he is~!!
though i always thought dan is cool an chuck is a bit messed up still a nice guy inside!
but never thought anything about nate
he was just sad person who didnt know how to express his feeling to blare ~

Im so looking Forward for episode 14 +_+~ i so wanna see what happens~