Monday, August 29, 2005


'w' nya I wana get married su~~~~~ <== she thinks its a game~~

just read one of my friends blogs and felt like it xD it sounds so cool ^^; but so baka at same time 'w';~

the cool part "male slavery" *jk* the uncool part "big responblity?"

dunno =x maybe its even scary to get married =o like iv seen on tv these wierd american guys who smiles for there gf's and when they get married they snap~
and femal slavery begens 'w';~

that sure freeks people out @_@ i mean just from watching tv i can hate every living one of them .. "only one x.x"

duno why they even exist =/ ... "no need to answer cuz answer came in my head it self just now"

sigh ~ i wonder why am even writing all this crap here ~~ >w<~

and even from tv u can die loving some one you love~~ like once i was watching the operah show and it was about the best couples in US and just hearing how guys were so romantic... you'll melt and end up screaming i love you , to who ever you love..~ there was a story about this guy who got married and every week he use to call his wife mother and thanking her that she gave birth to a wonderful lady "his wife" isnt that so like xx; nice....~~~? its over love @o@!!!! love infinty!

and this other guy who stopped the cars in a traffic light place throwing roses infront of his wife's car saying he loves her infront of lots of ppl..~~

there were lots of couples who were so like amazing @@; , wanted to die that day I sow that show~~ was so cool~~an romantic su ~~~

so TV can destroys a males picture or bildes one~ that's what i think xx; cuz in days i feel hatred and other days I don't~

wired mind of mine that responds with what TV does or say ^^;

feel like playing gb a bit >W< so leave blogi san all alone now~ *hugs blogi~* i stell duno why i write in you ^_^;~


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