Saturday, August 20, 2005

I am~ evil~

ya i am 'w'~

i jus keep on hurting people ~

what hurts is hurting the closest person to you ^^.. i wish if i stop doing that and get along with a normal life but i cant help it.. i dont know who i think my self is..

today on "TV-one" i sow this game show about 3 teams , there was this team that was a guy and girl , they weren't couples case the didnt look like one xwx;

anyway.. the girl was evil to the guy.. she was his team mate and she's like so spoiled and mean..
and she started saying shes going to quit game "etc" , if she quits.. the guy with her will lose..
he was so nice to her and so "cool" and holding his tempers on her , i think he was British ^^; he talked like one and that girl was American..~
i have no idea how he was so like cool and not mad and he kept trying to calm her down and help her with her bags and he was so nice and she only keeps screaming at him as if he was her servent.. and he was only a team mate ..~

so now when i look at my self towards some one i like.. i end up being like that girl.. but i dont scream >W<;

its just that i feel heartless and evil i dont know why...~

its like in my blood or somthing '';.. a male/female life problem..~

dunno if anyone knows how it feel to hate guys all your life and all of a sudden you like one.. and have a problem in liking..

sigh lame life 'o'~

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