Wednesday, February 14, 2007


My.. Valentine..

Friday, February 02, 2007

In My Dreams~ 02


A Dream XO

Well i forgot the beging
just remember there was this part of place in a land of snowy place "i know dosnt sound the right english ud understand" but i dont know how to say it~

umm like a place hard to get unless u desire to reach it , funny part no one came back
reason was when u reach that place its actually a cave

u get in and will never come out

i got there some how by the one who gardes it , a huge man *-* or.. a giant..
all ppl who got there are some how tied with rope or stoned "feet and hands" so they cant run away
there was no food or anyhting..
he brought me there and i dont remember what part of me he tied
and all the people there were hmm ppl i knew who disappeared but forgot who they are
anyway the place was like a puzzle u never know the exist even if u tried to run away
and there was cameras all over the place and 2 helpers , one is a little boy who that giant didnt want to eat him yet wanted him to be a helper and the other one was a dwarf who he used to make the soup to cook the ppl in it
yes hes a human eater >_<; when i first got there he picked a man and said " u see if u ever try to run away.. u;ll be.. " and he ate him >_<; was awful.. suddnly the cameras spotted somthing he had to go hunt the ppl who treid getting to the place and i was talking to the ppl who he has as his futer meals , i asked them about if we can go out and they said no all who treid got eaten and ya it was scary .. ummm i forgot the other part of things that happend i just remember that we got him fainted or.. killed ^^; something huge fell on his head so i assume he died~ the other part was when we were runing away , outside the snowy cave was a wolf.. and he had a truck and in his truck there were ppl trapped so ya he eats them too and when he saw us hes like " wich one of u should i take with me on my trip" [he was a wolf who can walk and talk yes] and he said " if u try to move i;ll double the number " i kinda did so he said "two will come with me , chose who would go" and we were 6 ppl and some girl whispered in my ear some words i didnt get it and ya it was a trick so 2 got out from 6 and wolf left , but they faked going into the car and wolf left thinking he had the 2 ppl on , they were alot to even tell who was on from who isnt and we ran into the cave cuz he'll come back , we thought if we close doors he wont know how to get in and leave the problem is the people who were traped in cave were so many so not all listened when i told them wolf is coming they should go to the door " there was a door only one that had a key , all the areas were open" so ya a bit scary **; i couldnt hide so wolf catch up and i was the one who he first cought he wasnt happy ^^; cuz we tricked him but some how some one got to jump from top to catch him with a net " i was in a 2 floor place " i had to hold wolf from behind his ears and toke him outside cave , but i didnt realy go to entrance of cave cuz where i was was puzzled so there were alot of ways to get in the cave , when i got out there was trees and like a garden , we didnt know how to leave the wolf go not to hurt him but we'll get hurt if we did i saw a wizerd girl i asked her if she knows magic she said yes me and other ppl were in circul and i said " turn his ears to a fox ear" she did then i said " his legs to kangoro legs " she did too , and he was as small as a rabbit , we did change all of how he looked like andc left him bee , was funny cuz way he was jumping around not knowing what to do then i woke up there was alot of dream part i forgot , cuz i remember b4 the cave thing i was in court and there was a queen and she was evil i remember my sister pod somewhere in that dream but i duno where.. b4 this dream i had anther dream~ was like.. 2 kind of people ones who are like zombies that attack u an bite u an turn u like them and normal ppl i dont remember much at all ^^; completely forgot it.. but was really hard to run away.. place was closed.. an all that.. it was more like a hotel.. umm there was a guy who he helped me.. there was.. a ball.. or.. something round that was so important to an evil guy he tried getting it alot of times there was guns.. there was a round place with water under and.. rocks above.. ah i really forgot >_< wish i can remember..

cause that guy was so nice to me X3...
i rearly dream ppl who would help me.. ^^;

but thank u guy san~ who ever u r~~ love u ~~~

and i hate u giant human~